2018 show is on Saturday 1st September and the theme will be CARNIVAL

There were many questions relating to the show organisation at the AGM and so we have produced a pdf that should answer all those queries. You can download that document here.

The Show Committee

This is a list of the committee members who are responsible for managing the setup and execution of the Show. Please contact the relevant committee member via their CSGShow email address shown on the right of the table. If you do not know which member should deal with your query, please use the form on the contact page and we will ensure your message gets sent to the appropriate sub-committee.

If your browser does not support embedded email links then send your message
through our contacts page or type the email address directly into your preferred email programme.
Committee Position Name Email Address
Honorary President Paul Buchanan president@csgshow.org
Chair Simon Swerling chair@csgshow.org
Secretary Eleanor O'Connor secretary@csgshow.org
Treasurer Grant Kirkby treasurer@csgshow.org
Competitions Manager Caroline Jackson competitions@csgshow.org
Programme Advertising Barbara Conheeney advertising@csgshow.org
Showground Manager / Vice Chair Garry Brown showground@csgshow.org
Stalls / Traders Barbara Conheeney traders2018@csgshow.org
Web Site / Technology / Social Media / Show Schedule Gary Jackson gary.jackson@csgshow.org
Cup Secretary Vacant cups@csgshow.org
Auction Gordon Pell gordon.pell@csgshow.org
Safety and Printing Manager Tony Hook tony.hook@csgshow.org
Parish Council Rep. Rob Gill rob.gill@csgshow.org
Parish Council Rep. and Parking Des Bray des.bray@csgshow.org
Community Arena and Parade Lizzie Rawlinson community@csgshow.org
Catering Manager, Hospitality, BBQ, Beer and Tea Tent Vicky Hinds catering@csgshow.org
Traders and Showground Stephen Hinds trad_show@csgshow.org
Publicity Manager Peter Scott publicity@csgshow.org
Non Executive Members (Not on the Show Committee):
Social Media Manager Vacant media@csgshow.org
Horticultural Marquee Manager Briony Wickenden horticulture@csgshow.org
Dog Show Manager Stacie
Wheelhouse Vets
Technical Advisor Jeff Hall jeff.hall@csgshow.org
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