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Sour Dough

To Make A Sourdough Starter From Scratch:

All you need is time, flour and water.

Day 1: Put 100g flour and 100g water (not too cold , better around 22C) into a clean jam jar and mix with a fork very briefly . Leave somewhere warm (approx. 24-26C).
Day 2: Throw away all but 20g of the mixture and add 100g water and 100g flour mix and leave overnight
By day 3 you should see some bubbles in the jar as fermentation starts. Again retain 20g of the liquid and refresh with 100g of flour and 100g water.
Day 4: The starter should be very active and ready to go.

You need to take your recipe and build your starter from the sourdough culture you have created in accordance with the recipe. You can make a very wet starter or a drier starter dependant on what you want to achieve, there are many ways to make sourdough. It will take another 24 hours for the starter to be built to what you need for your recipe.

You can follow this method for ANY flour (eg. maize flour, wheat, rye, spelt, brown rice flour) and also GLUTEN FREE.

If you choose not to use the starter on day 5, make sure you keep refreshing it, keeping back your little bit (20g) and adding 100g flour & water until you are ready to use.

Alternatively, contact Caroline Jackson on 01494 876685, before August 1st to discuss the availability of a ready-made starter.