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The show is located in the field directly below Pheasant Hill  in the map that is linked here


The Show officially opens at 11:30 and finishes at 6pm
Although some of you may have been entering classes at the CSG Show for years, not everyone has, and the following may contain information you require so please read this, even if you've entered before.

Bring your entries to the competition marquees
between 7.30am and 9.30am. Marquees will close promptly at 9.45am for judging.

Outside the marquee, you need to collect an envelope with your name on. The envelope contains all the entry cards for the classes you have entered. Each card has your name on the bottom, make sure you fold it so that your name is hidden and place the card beside your exhibit. If you can paper clip it (depending on the exhibit), then this will ensure it stays in place.

Art Classes, we provide hooks in the adult section and pegs in the children's section.

Cookery, please cover your entry, using foil, clingfilm or a cloth, to keep it safe from flies. NO CREAM PLEASE.

Photography, there are no specific rules regarding how you present your entries so it is up to you to make it look the best you can.

Horticulture, water will be available at the marquee.

Horticulture is on one side of the marquee and Cookery/Crafts on the other. Each year, depending on the number of entries for each class, we have to guess the amount of space required so tables may be arranged differently year on year.

If you have entered any of the relevant classes in Division B – Annuals and Herbaceous Flowers; Roses; Dahlias or Chrysanthemums or Division C Beginners Flowers class 309 Rose, then the vases will be available for you on loan at the horticultural marquee when you arrive to display your exhibits on a first come first served basis.

If you have any queries, please contact horticulture@csgshow.org

You can park in Blizzards Yard Car Park behind the Co-Op (entrance by the Library) for free if you can carry your exhibits over. Otherwise, if you have lots of entries or they are heavy or cumbersome, you can drive onto the showground and offload them outside the marquee. Temporary parking will be provided nearby whilst you sort out your exhibits but again, please give yourself plenty of time and avoid driving onto the field unless it's really necessary, noting timings discussed above. Access is one-way only through a gate so getting in and out will be slow. Traders will also be gaining access to the showground at the same time.

There will be tables outside for anyone who needs to offload their exhibits and/or arrange them, eg, for horticultural entries.

Judging takes some time and then we have to sort out who has won the cups so don't expect the marquee to open again until at least 1.30pm/2pm. We write up the names of the cup winners on a board near the cups table. We also leave a card noting a cup has been won against one of the winner's exhibits.

Cups are presented at 4pm inside the marquee. Prize money; if you win First, Second or Third Prize, can be claimed outside the marquee between 2pm and 4pm. We are also presenting rosettes, kindly donated, this year for certain classes. These will be left by the exhibit. One of the rosettes will be a "People's Choice", ie, voted for by visitors to the marquee so make sure you help vote!

Exhibits should NOT be removed from the marquee until after 5pm please. The competitions are a very popular part of the show and visitors like to look around. If you leave any of your exhibits, they will be disposed of the next day and we cannot guarantee their safety overnight.

I hope this answers any queries you may have about the competitions.